Countless ladies have been Bond girls throughout the years, but only one has given Wichita Falls a shout out.

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It's not every day that Wichita Falls gets mentioned in a major motion picture. Especially a franchise as epic as James Bond. The sixteenth James Bond movie came out in 1989. "License to Kill" would be the final Bond film starring Timonthy Dalton before Pierce Brosnan took over in 'Goldeneye'.

Pam Bouvier, The Bond Girl from Wichita Falls?

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Back in 1989, Carey Lowell portrayed Pam Bouvier in the film "License to Kill". She was a former Army pilot in the movie and maybe she got her pilot training at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls? None of this have ever been confirmed, but it is a random line in the movie. I did some research on IMDB, no one who wrote or directed the movie has any connection to Wichita Falls. However, Mrs. Bouvier mentions our city when trying to infiltrate a drug bosses residence.

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When trying to make a delivery, Mrs. Bouvier says that she came all the way from Wichita Falls. Now the scene in the film was actually shot in Mexico. I don't know if anybody in Mexico would know where Wichita Falls is if you asked how far she came to deliver this package. I still want to know why this is in a James Bond scene because it is extremely random to have Wichita Falls be mentioned for no reason.

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