The Olympic Trials continue this weekend as the United States narrows down the athletes that will represent the US at the Summer Olympics in Paris in July. This weekend watch for a Texarkana native in the gymnastic trials.

Joscelyn Roberson

This weekend it's all about finding out who will make the US gymnastics team. Keep your fingers crossed for 18-year-old Joscelyn Roberson from Texarkana.

2024 Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championships
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Joscelyn now lives in Conroe Texas and she trains in Spring, Texas. But it looks like she'll be a Razorback in the fall.

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris will start on Friday, July 26 and will run through  Sunday, August 11. The Summer Games will air on NBC.

Jarrion Lawson

There is another local to watch for who will be competing for the US team and that is 30-year-old Jarrion Lawson originally from Liberty Eylau. Jarrion just made the Olympic team this past Monday night. He will be competing in the Long Jump.

Lamar Taylor

Another athlete to watch for at the Olympics is 21-year-old Lamar Taylor from Henderson State in Arkadelphia. Lamar will be representing the Bahamas in Swimming the 100-meter freestyle. Lamar is from Freeport, Bahamas but definitely in the hearts of Arkansans. This will be Henderson State's first student in the Olympics.

Fingers crossed for Joscelyn making the team this weekend. You can watch the Olympic Trials on NBC.

Then if everything goes as hopefully planned, get ready to watch the Olympics later this month and cheer on these three amazing athletes from our area.

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