The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has released crucial information regarding traffic, safety, and security arrangements for the upcoming 2024 Fair in collaboration with Fairgrounds security. 

To ensure smoother traffic flow, it is advised that non-fair traffic avoid Four States Parkway Drive, especially during peak hours when delays are expected at key intersections like Arkansas Boulevard/Four States Fair Parkway Drive and Interstate I30/Four States Fair Parkway Drive.

Four States Fair
Four States Fair

Due to the new road layout, access to the fairgrounds will be restricted. E. 46th Street from Parkway Dr. will be designated for Fair and Rodeo employees only. E. 50th Street will handle westbound exiting traffic exclusively during fair operations. Exiting vehicles from the fairgrounds will have access to E 50th to Parkway Dr. However, access to E. 50 will be blocked with barricades during normal fair hours. Personnel from the Four States Fair will guide incoming vehicles to parking areas within the fairgrounds. Motorists are urged to pay attention to traffic officers and anticipate delays during peak periods.

It is recommended to leave early for scheduled events to ensure timely arrival.

Parking outside designated areas like Bobby Ferguson park carries the risk of getting blocked in; such parking is at your own risk as resources are not available for moving parked cars.

To prevent theft, patrons are advised not to leave purses or bags inside parked vehicles. Ensure vehicle doors are locked, and valuables are stored securely in the trunk before entering the Fairgrounds. Opting for parking in the Main Lot near the Rodeo Arena is recommended, as this area will be well-patrolled and illuminated.

four states fair
four states fair


Maintaining a family-friendly environment is a priority, and police will maintain a zero-tolerance stance towards troublemakers inside and outside the fair. The city curfew for children under 18 will be enforced, starting at 11 pm Sun-Thu and midnight on Fri-Sat; minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian after these hours.

All Fairgrounds visitors are subject to metal detector scans and bag searches for weapons and contraband. It's strongly advised to minimize large bags and consolidate belongings into small handbags if needed.

  • No sagging pants are allowed inside the Fairgrounds. Persons with sagging pants will not be allowed inside or will be escorted off the premises.
  • No large groups of unsupervised teens will be allowed to run rampant or widespread. These groups, when unsupervised, tend to develop unruly behavior and cause panic among other fair-goers.
  • No weapons are allowed and violators will be arrested.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian/parent. Area parole and probation officers may collaborate with police to monitor gates and deter potential troublemakers.

If You Get /Have Been Banned:

Individuals banned from the Fairgrounds remain banned indefinitely, and if found on the premises, they face citation or arrest for trespassing.

These measures are implemented to ensure a safe environment for Fair visitors. Texarkana Arkansas Police Department officers will be present within the Fairgrounds, ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns.

Follow the Texarkana Arkansas Police on their Facebook Page.

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