Texarkana Arkansas Police are investigating a shooting that took place last night, Monday, April 29.

Police responded to a call that gunshots were being fired at a store parking lot located at Pinehurst Street and the 1800 block of East 9th Street in Texarkana at around 8:49 PM.

Two Men Shot Outside Store in Texarkana, Arkansas

Police crime scene
Brian Jackson

According to the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department's Facebook page,


TAPD officers arrived at the scene and located two male subjects with apparent gunshot wounds. TAPD officers along with fire and emergency personnel applied life-saving medical adjuncts, and both subjects have been transported to area hospitals for treatment.


The condition and extent of the injuries are not known.

Do You Know Something? You Can Help Police Solve This Case

crime scene protect by caution tape

TAPD Criminal Investigation Division detectives are on scene investigating this case and if you or you know anyone who may have more information about this case, You are asked to please call the Texarkana Arkansas Police case detectives at (903) 798-3154.

Under Investigation follder
Robert Mizerek

Texarkana Arkansas Police are asking everyone to please avoid this area while this investigation continues.

This is a developing story and we will be updating it as more information is received.

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