Eighteen recruits from ASP 2024A were sworn in as brand new Arkansas State Troopers Thursday, April 25, 2024, during a graduation ceremony in the rotunda of the Arkansas State Capitol.

Following a tough battery of testing and interviews, a select group of new Troopers has been chosen from an initial competitive pool of 230 applicants. Their journey began on February 18, 2024, at the State Police Training Academy in Little Rock, where they started their comprehensive 10-week training program. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to equip them with the skills necessary for the demands of serving as Arkansas State Troopers. Following 710 hours of specialized instruction and practical training, 18 have emerged and graduated after learning topics from criminal law and traffic control to accident investigation, firearms proficiency, and defensive tactics.

The pinnacle of their training was marked by the swearing-in ceremony, where Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered the keynote address and administered the oath of office. Addressing the assembled class were Colonel Mike Hagar, Secretary of the Arkansas Department of Public Safety, Major Roby Rhoads, Sergeant Chad Staley, and Corporal Keon Thompson. Notable attendees included ASP senior command staff, troop and company commanders, the training section cadre, ASP Commissioners, and ASP Foundation members, all present to honor and celebrate the newest additions to the Arkansas State Police force.

Special recognition and awards were presented to the recruits who attained the highest scores within the respective training categories listed as follows:


  1. Collier Wright
  2. Charles Greeno
  3. David Calvert

Physical Fitness:

  1. Micah Miller
  2. Chance Swafford
  3. Eric Hoegh


  1. Collier Wright
  2. Chance Swafford
  3. Micah Miller

Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC):

  1. Micah Miller
  2. Jeremy Elliott
  3. Collier Wright

The recruit graduates, their hometown, and their first post assignments are listed as follows:

Troop A

David Calvert, North Little Rock
Chanceler Fortune, Kansas City, KS
Charles Greeno, Malvern
Chase Landry, Conway

Troop C

Teddy Henderson, Paragould
Brian Merrill, Jonesboro
Tanner Seal, Jonesboro

Troop D

Dillon Pigue, Harrisburg
Collier Wright, Marion

Troop G

Diondre Fuller, Little Rock
Micah Miller, Texarkana, TX
Chance Swafford, Texarkana

Troop H

Jeremy Elliott, Booneville
Eric Hoegh – 2024-A Class Leader, Van Buren

Troop K

Trey McAnear, Arkadelphia
Christian Ramirez, Hot Springs
Kristopher Wootten, Hot Springs

Troop L

James Jones, Frierson, LA

The new Troopers will be assigned to a certified departmental Field Training Officer upon reporting for duty at their respective troop headquarters. The graduates will then work in tandem with their FTO during their transitional period before being released to their assignment.

Congratulations Troopers!

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