This story has been on everyone's mind the past few days and now the Miller County Sheriff's Office has released more information.

According to an MCSO press release Miller County Deputies were called to a home on MC 18 on Sunday, September 24 around 6:50 PM. There they found a woman in her 50s dead after apparently being attacked by an animal.

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Detectives determined that Brenda Witt of Genoa had died from her injuries due to a vicious attack by several dogs. The suspected dogs in the attack were located and detained by the Texarkana Arkansas Animal Control Division.

According to KSLA news,

Officials say the woman’s daughter went to church, leaving her mother at home, and came back to find her dead inside a car on the property. Multiple dog bites were visible.

Authorities say all the dogs involved are not at an animal shelter. According to the sheriff, the dogs are pit bull mixes.



The MCSO posted on their Facebook page,

Prior to this incident, NO reports had been made regarding these specific animals. However, since this incident, other reports have been made in reference to this "pack" of dogs.


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 Autopsy results are still pending and this is an ongoing investigation. Above all, please keep Brenda's family and friends in your prayers.

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