There is a woman that was last seen in Texarkana back in January but her family has not heard from her since then and they are worried about her. Have you seen her?

Texarkana Texas Police announced that they haven't been able to locate her. Her name is Margaret Barrett. Her family is in Louisiana and is worried about her safety.
She is described as 37 years of age and she is about 5 feet tall and around 120 LBS.

Texarkana Texas Police Department
Texarkana Texas Police Department

TTPD posted on their Facebook page;

We need some help locating Margaret Barrett. Her family in Louisiana has neither seen nor heard from her since late January, and they are extremely worried about her safety. We know that she was in Texarkana on January 20th, but can't find any trace of her since then.

Her information has also been posted on the Missing People in America Facebook page.

Texarkana Texas Police Department
Texarkana Texas Police Department

The TTPS went on to say that some people are mistaking her for another woman in the Texarkana area. But the police said they deal with that woman on a daily basis and it is not Margaret Barrett.
If you do see this woman please call the Texarkana Texas Police Department at (903) 798-3116 after business hours you can call (903) 798-3876.

It sure would be wonderful to let her family know where she is and that she is safe.

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