Harvest Regional Food Bank will be in New Boston servicing Texas residents living in or around the Bowie County area on Wednesday, May 22 starting at 8:30 AM.  

Who Is This For?

Harvest Regional Food Bank will be on hand for a distribution of 400 emergency food boxes to Texas residents only this Wednesday morning. May 22, 2024.

The Distribution is set to begin at 8:30 AM in the usual place, T&P Trail Head Park Pavilion, #1 Trail Head Park Plaza in New Boston, TX.

New Boston Trail Head Park Pavilion (Credit Jathan Fink/Townsquare Media)
New Boston Trail Head Park Pavilion (Credit Jathan Fink/Townsquare Media)

The Distribution will last until approximately 11:30 AM or until all boxes have been distributed.

If you would like to be a recipient, you are directed to enter the Festival Grounds from SE Front St. as illustrated below:

SE Front St Lineup at Trailhead Park in New Boston - Google Maps
SE Front St Lineup at Trail Head Park in New Boston - Google Maps

All you have to do is drive up and line up. Please do not exit your vehicle, food boxes will be loaded for you as you drive through. Distribution is limited to one box per household and a two-household maximum per vehicle.

What to bring?

Recipients are asked to please bring an approved photo ID or proof of address to verify they are a resident of the state of Texas. Distribution is limited to one box per household with a maximum of two households per vehicle.

For more information about this event, please call Harvest Regional Food Bank at 870-774-1398 or online at HarvestRegionalFoodBank.org.

The next Mobile Pantry distribution for Bowie County/New Boston-area residents is scheduled for Wednesday, August 21, 2024.

Harvest Regional Food Bank is an equal opportunity provider.

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