Texarkana is fortunate to have a college but to think that it opened it's doors back in 1927? Back then it was called Texarkana Junior College.

According to a press release from TC it was the first institution of high education in our area and it opened its doors on the morning of September 20, 1927. Eighty students enrolled for that first Fall semester.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

TC also gave us a really cool bit of trivia,

 According to record books now in the Palmer Memorial Library Archives, the first student to pay her tuition was Evelyn Wilson.

Of course, not many women went to college back then so the fact that three out of the first four students to enroll were women is pretty awesome.

Below are the first four students to enroll in August of 1927 for Texarkana College's first fall semester. Evelyn Wilson, Claude Pinkerton, Valeria Alberta Jones and Henrietta Henrey Stilwell.

*(Source: Published in Texarkana College: The First 75 Years, 1927-2002, Brantley & Rowe)
*(Source: Published in Texarkana College: The First 75 Years, 1927-2002, Brantley & Rowe)

Texarkana College has educated and improved the lives of so many young men and women through the years since opening its doors. Happy Birthday Texarkana College and wish you many more years and students in the future!

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