The state of Arkansas is covered in ice and snow and it will be around for a while due to the temperatures staying below freezing through Wednesday morning. 

Both Governors of Arkansas and Texas declared a State of Emergency due to the Arctic Winter Storm that hit both states.

Heavy snowfall on a country road. Driving on it becomes dangerous â¦

The Arkansas State Police encourage you to not get on the roads unless necessary. With the temperatures staying below freezing the ice and snow will not start to thaw until midday on Wednesday. The weird thing is, the forecast is almost the same all across the state with temperature fluctuating only a few degrees difference from the northern portion of the state to the southern portions of the state.

Northern Portions of Arkansas: Fayetteville, Mountain View, Jonesboro

Car on the street covered by icy rain

Temperatures will remain in the teens for highs both Monday and Tuesday with overnight lows down to the low to mid single digits. By Wednesday highs in the mid-30s are expected.

Mid Portions of Arkansas: Fort Smith, Mena, Little Rock, Forrest City


Temperatures remain below freezing with highs on both days near 20 and down to the upper single digits for overnight lows. The temperatures on Wednesday will be in the upper 30s.

Southern Portions of Arkansas: De Queen, Texarkana, Eldorado, McGehee

Frozen icy down pipe, icicles

Temperatures again will remain below freezing today with highs in the low to mid 20s. down to 10 to 11 degrees tonight and tomorrow's highs in the upper 20s. Wednesday highs near 40.

As you can see the forecasts are very similar except for a few degrees in the temperatures.

The Good News...

Photo by Luis Graterol on Unsplash
Photo by Luis Graterol on Unsplash

If the sun comes out tomorrow it will more than likely help the road conditions for Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. but please also be aware that on Tuesday night any ice or moisture on the roads will refreeze. Be sure to watch the weather and road conditions before you head out through Wednesday morning.

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