I hated to see the Arkansas High Football season come to an early end.

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Townsquare Media Texarkana-Photo

As victories go, it was not the best of seasons for the Razorbacks. They admittedly struggled and the breaks certainly did not go in their favor at all. But the coaching staff and the players never gave up or gave in which is a credit to Head Coach and Athletic Director Todd Ledford and his staff.

But even with the struggles, I enjoyed broadcasting this season, probably as much as any over the 15 years that I have been the voice of the Arkansas High Razorbacks. That is because this year, my 10 year old son David joined me in the booth as my co-announcer.

The fact that he really wanted to be at every game to be with me and to broadcast with me, has left a special memory in my heart that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Besides that,  he really did a great job. He was wonderful at telling who made the tackles on defense for AHS something I struggle with at times  He also called several touchdowns before I even realized they were going to be scores for the Razorbacks.

But mainly he brought an enthusiasm to the broadcast that can only come from a youngster. I mean he's not that much younger than some of the players on the team. I appreciate words of praise that came our way from listeners and others who talked about how well young David did.

It made me even prouder that people actually liked what he was adding to the broadcasts. We both really love broadcasting the games and we hated to see it end.

Thanks to Coach Ledford for his good words about our broadcast team and to all the help he gave me this year. Thanks to Jeff, the Program Director for Eagle 106.3, for his encouragement and support for having David on the broadcasts. Also thanks to our GM Ron Bird for allowing me to add my son to the broadcasts. We did not know how it would go and it was great of him to take the chance on Dave. Oh and thanks to David's mom, who put up with late nights and long road trips!!!!!!!!

I'm already looking forward to next year, I know David will be ready and he will just keep improving. The kid might can go places as a broadcaster someday.

But no matter what career he chooses as he grows up, I will always have the memories of the time spent doing something I dearly love to do (broadcasting Arkansas High Football). with a son that I love so completely.

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