Shopping local just got easier with more wonderful choices of fresh fruit and vegetables as Gateway Farmers' Market opens for the season this Saturday, May 8.

Gateway Farmers Market is located at 602 East Jefferson in Texarkana Arkansas will open at 7AM and close at noon. Be sure to check out all the great produce including Greens, Kale, Onions and more. There will also be homemade crafts, soap, jellies and baked goods.  You'll also find natural pure essential oil products, Honey and fresh eggs! Have you ever had a real fresh egg before? They taste amazing and the color of the yolk is so bright!

Right now they are looking for talent to perform Saturday morning. If you are interested and would like to bring your instrument or sing Acappella, just text (903) 824-0140 to get more information. Of course, it is a family-friendly event and so should the entertainment. The great thing is they will let you receive donations and if you have any you can sell your CD's while you perform

Gateway Farmers Market will be open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 7AM to Noon.

Gateway Farmers' Market motto is:

If we did not raise it, we will not sell it. Local Vegetables (75 Mile Radius) Homebaked Baked Goods, and Homemade Craft's. Farms are inspected!

Find out more information at their Facebook page or their website at

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