It was almost as if 25-year-old Joshua Petty of Hudson, Florida had no choice in committing this crime.  Because his old mugshot matches up with his new criminal offense too PERFECTLY.

August 4th, Joshua was allegedly part of a three-person team that stole copper wire from an electric substation in Pasco County, Florida, and knocked out power to thousands of people in the area.

Including all the guests at Gulf Coast Resort... a NUDIST RESORT nearby.

Here's how the whole "fate" thing comes in.  The last time Joshua got arrested for theft, in his mugshot picture, he's wearing a T-shirt that reads, quote, "I Will Not Stare at Boobies.  I Will Not Stare at Boobies."

Police have busted one of the thieves, 23-year-old Marylynn Maldonado.  They're still looking for Joshua and the other thief, 29-year-old Donald Rebston.

As for the nudists, their power was restored in about 90 minutes.  The owner of the resort, Susan Cowan, says it got pretty hot during that time without air conditioning, but...

All they had to do was strip down, get into the nice, cool pool and relax... that's the good thing about being in a nudist's resort.