Have you ever forgotten to put away food before going to bed? I did last night. About 2:30 in the morning, I heard the rustling of a plastic bag of nuts by my bed. I awoke with a start and realized that a mouse was trying to eat my lightly salted almonds!

I immediately put the bag up but couldn't find the mouse. They really are fast little devils that can squeeze into any space. Now I am trying to catch the mouse without harming him. I looked online for the answer to my dilemma.

I learned that a mouse can be caught by using a five gallon bucket. First fill it with water. Pull a piece of string through a can. Attach the string to both sides of the bucket so the can is in the middle of the bucket. Smear peanut butter on the can and wait. The mouse will try to eat the food only to fall into the bucket of water.

I don't know that I want a drowned mouse on my conscience but I saw a video of a mouse being caught by using a plastic bottle. I wonder if that will work in my case?

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