I love Sharon Osbourne! Sharon and Howie Mandel played a prank on their America's Got Talent cohort Piers Morgan.

Howie Mandel was on Conan the other night and said that on a recent private flight, Sharon placed her yeh, um..."top" on Morgan’s head while he was sleeping. Howie filmed it, but of course couldn't air it on t.v. So he did the next best thing.He filmed a reenactment with potatoes.

Watch the clip below (NSFW language and vegetable nudity ahead):

Piers Morgan said,
"There was a trip from Atlanta to L.A... and I'd fallen asleep finally, and I woke up to a commotion and I saw Howie, I think it was..., with a video camera... and I looked up and Sharon Osbourne's naked breast was in my face.

"I actually thought I was having some hallucinogenic nightmare and then I sort of blinked and I realised it really was Sharon standing there with her naked breasts in front of my face... They're very expensive... they are indisputably impressive, but, at three in the morning, after a long day's filming, it's not what you want.

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