If your lady tells you that she wants to have a 3-way with you and her best friend, take our advice and DO NOT DO THIS!

Meet Zach, his fiancee presented this very idea to him. Well, Zach had never met this "friend", so Zach made a video to introduce himself to the friend, and goes on and on for two minutes about why it's such a great idea, it's really funny because he thinks he is being all cool and smooth.


He pretty much explains the when he says,

I'm Cynthia's fiancee and I am up for threesomes whenever possible."

Here's the video... (if it gets taken down, it's easy to find by searching "Cynthia's fiancee wants a threesome".)

(Now, I can't be sure, but I doubt Zach will be getting his threeway anytime soon... his ex-fiancee Cynthia might.)

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