Hard to believe that it's already May. It's even harder to believe that Memorial Day weekend is only a few weeks away. You know what that means right? It means that all across the country grills will be fired up.

It's probably pretty safe to say that everyone loves a burger from a backyard grill. But, how do you make the best burger? You've got have some grill skills.

In the video below Bobby Parrish gives us some quick and simple tips to grilling the best burger, like chilling the meat before it goes on the grill. He also has a trick to make sure the hamburger patties don't puff up all goofy like while grilling. He also suggests stop mashing the burger while it's cooking (I've always seen people do this, but it's a no no) and rest the patties before serving them.

Do you have and grilling tricks and techniques for grilling the best burger? Let us know.

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