Okay I might not be a parent, but having nieces and nephews and friends with kids, I do realize what a great pastime it is to embarrass the younger ones.

A new survey came out and told us a few things that parents do that really, really embarrass their kids. Now, please note that I'm not telling you this so you'll be more sensitive to your kids' feelings. Oh no! We aren't going there! This is to make sure you are doing all the right things to totally, without fail, embarrass your kids! Actually, you can embarrass grandchildren with these as well.

1. Dancing. I imagine the worse dancer you are the better. So, I suggest reviewing this video of Elaine trying to dance from "Seinfeld."

2. Public displays of affection. Easy enough! Just kiss and hug on everyone. Especially your kids. Oh and it must be in public around their friends of course!

3. Try using modern slang words. Check out the video below and you too can learn some new slang. Oh, this video does contain the 'B' word . . . just so ya know.

4. Wearing clothes that aren't appropriate for your age. Just think Madonna or the Bieber.

5. Cleaning up after them in public. I don't suggest this one. It just really doesn't sound fun. But, if you think that's fun, then knock yourself out then come to my house.

6. Try connecting with them on social media. Just find out what social media network         they're on. Friend them and respond to everything they post. You can also post sweet little messages to them so all their friends can see.

7. Not being able to figure out modern technology. Remember the video "Did you hear it click?"

Now, take what you have learned and get out there and embarrass your kids. Remember, it is your duty as a parent.  You can get more ideas and check out the whole list at Daily Mail.

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