Like most folks, I pay for stuff with cards so much now that I actually have no idea how much cash is in my wallet at any given time. But, if I had to guess, I'd probably be below average. Because average here pretty much means poor.

According to a new study, the average American has $22 cash on him right now. Here are a few more results from the study.

About one in five people carry more than $100. And five percent of people have a $100 bill on them right now. Of those people with a $100 bill, about 75 percent will not spend it today.

According to the study, people use cash most often, followed by credit and debit cards, and then checks. Overall, there's about $1.2 trillion in cash in circulation.

We all checked our wallets in the studio. J.W. had $34, Mimi had $80 and I had $11, which is pretty unusual since I usually have no cash on me. How much cash is in your wallet?

Oh, and that is my minimalist wallet in the picture. Here is a video I did on my strange wallet.

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