Some 90 percent of Americans ages 65 and older prefer to stay in their own home as they get older, an AARP study found — and often home health care can improve their quality of life while they are doing it.

Elite Home Health can provide a wide variety of services, all coordinated by your physician and covered by Medicare with no copays.

They can help with active life balance for people with mobility and weakness, low vision, incontinence/pelvic floor training, psychiatric and behavioral health care, Alzheimer's disease and dementia, and occupational and speech therapy. Nurses and therapists are available around the clock to help manage congestive heart failure, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and more.

Home health care professionals know that every patient and every family is unique, and it shows. They believe in building relationships with not only patients, but also with caregivers and family so they can provide the best care, information and support. They truly embrace a person-centered approach for each patient.

Don't wait until you see a drop in quality of life. Ask your physician if home health care might be a good option for you or your loved one. To get more information or to get started, call 870-774-5110 or visit their website here.