The decorations are coming out. The candy is being bought. You and your kids are starting to settle on a costume. What's left? Oh yeah, the music.

That creepy music that that is playing in the background as you open up the door to unsuspecting little Trick or Treaters. It'll will surely get you in to the spooky spirit and will creep out the kids too. When I was a kid, it was those houses with the creepy music that really made me think twice as I was standing there waiting for my candy. Candy or Run?

I found this video with one full hour of scary Halloween music. It'll be great for a party too.

Bookmark this page so you can find it easily when the time is right. Boo!

The Tracklist is below:

0:00 – Swamp Witch
3:10 – Witch’s Brew
6:45 – Pumpkin King
10:59 – Skeleton Graveyard
14:36 – Full Moon
18:02 – Night of the Werewolf
21:53 – Vampire Bite
25:22 – Count Dracula
28:56 – Vampire Bats
32:17 – Spider Webs
35:46 – Spooky Ghosts
38:39 – Gossamer Wings
41:52 – Gothic Dolls
45:17 – Phantom Manor
48:32 – Haunted House
52:22 – Haunted Carnival
55:26 – Halloween Town
58:33 – Ravensbrook
1:01:46 – Twilight Hollow
1:04:53 – Midnight Hayride
1:08:13 – Trick or Treat