We do things a little differently in the south. Maybe it's the heat or maybe it's just the fact that we come from a long line of families that know how to cook. There are at least five things I know that you will find in every southern kitchen. 

It might be tucked away in a cabinet or way back on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator but you have it. Some things might have been passed down to you from your mom or your grandmother.


6. Lard or Crisco


Because if you plan on throwing something in a skillet or baking something you need to make sure the sausage, veggies or cake don't stick to the frying or cake pan.


5. Bacon Drippings

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You might have it in a mason jar or a tin can in the refrigerator. Why? Because it's from bacon and it makes just about everything taste better.


4. Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning

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When you have something on the stove and do a taste test, but something is missing...you grab the Tony's.


3. Sun Tea Jar

Judith Bicking

It's a summer thang and summers in the south are hot. We must stay hydrated. Sweet tea with tons of real sugar is even better!


2. Iron Skillet



It was probably handed down to you by your mom or grandmother or you found it at a garage sale and you use it a lot!


1. Casserole Dishes


Yes in the south we love casseroles. They are easy to make and take to a church gathering or to a pot luck dinner. Plus, they're good and good for ya!

The funny thing is my mother was from Canada but she obviously spent enough time in the south because she had all these things in her kitchen too. What else should go on the list that you will see in a southern kitchen?

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