With Covid-19 coronavirus, we are adjusting the best way we can to being at home with the kids.

With all of us parents dealing wit our kids being home for the foreseeable future I found 5 things you can do to help combat the kids saying 'I'm bored'.

1.Set up a Netflix Watch party. You can set up a 'Netflix Party' to watch your favorite show or movies with your friends.

2. National Parks. How about a 360-degree tour of a National Park like Yellowstone of the Grand Canyon.

3. Great learning experiences for kids. From NASA, with STEM projects, Cosmic Yoga,  The National Wildlife Federation. You can even get books online to do reading to your kids and they can read books too.

4. How about a tour of Disney World. this is a resource of youtube videos of some of Disney's famous rides.

5. Christmas Lights. Yes, some people are putting up Christmas lights to help calm folks that are staying home and giving them and their kids something to do.

BONUS you can still visit the parks to walk and hike the trails. Just stay away from playground equipment since it may have too many germs right now.


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