Arkansas is known as the natural state but did you know that there are 11 pets that you absolutely cannot own in Arkansas?

Most of us have pets. Dogs, cats even some folks have snakes and hamsters and gerbils and some people even have lizards. A couple of years ago I did a story on the fact that deer have been banned as pets in Arkansas. In that story, it did say that if you acquired the deer before June 30 of 2012 you are ok. But the list of pets you cannot own in Arkansas is pretty impressive. I probably would not want to own most of these pets anyway, but here is the list for you.

1.African lions I mean it's a lion. Go see one in a zoo.


2. Alligator snapping turtles These are some mean suckers. Just leave them alone.

Emily Churchill

3. Apes Yeah that is a big nope from meon this one.

Western lowland gorilla

4. Baboons They may look cute but they are not something you want at home.

John Foxx

5. Bats This bat looks pretty cool, but the bats here are not so pretty.

Dwarf epauletted fruit bat (Micropteropus pussilus) flying at night.

6. Bears We see more black bears here and of course they are not good as pets.


7. Collared lizards This is the closest picture I could find. The collars on the are usually black.


8. Mountain lions Another easy one to not have as a pet. We have more of these around here than you realize.


9. Ornate box turtles Another picture that is close to the actual turtle. The box has some orange markings on it and that is what makes it on the no-no list.

Eastern box turtle, Terrapene carolina carolina

10. Ouachita streambed salamanders Ozark Hellbender These two salamanders are very plentiful in those wet damp areas but are not for you to have as a pet.

A northern dusky salamander climbing over a mossy stone.

11. Tigers Even though this is the mascot of the Texas High School they are not good as a pet. I am pretty sure no explanation is necessary.


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