The American Heart Association is kicking off registration for its Heart Walk Tuesday, March 28.

The kick off will take place at Texas Roadhouse at noon with lunch. This is where you'll be able to get team packets. The walk itself will be held May 13 starting at 8AM at Spring Lake Park in Texarkana, Texas.

The Heart Walk is very personal to long time Texarkana resident Lisa Bose Mcdermott.

“The heart walk is one of two local fundraisers for the American Heart Association. Having had four heart attacks and five heart surgeries, I’ve been a beneficiary of updated technology and research made possible by the American Heart Association," she said.

One of the things that the AHA does in Texarkana is work to train people on CPR.

"The AHA’s CPR guidelines are the gold standard. Mouth to mouth breathing is no longer necessary, but a lot of people don’t realize it. Doing to CPR correctly is something that saves lives. The minutes saved by CPR until an ambulance arrives help with increased chances of survivability after a heart incident," she explained.

You can find more information about the Heart Walk at their Facebook page or by emailing the AHA's Texarkana Marketing Director, Samantha Evans.

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