A new survey from Living Social has found that Americans feel that Americans are the worst travelers! Plus we are world travelers and we steal! Well, at least we admit it!

The study showed that 78 per cent of Americans have visited at least one foreign country (though there was no word on if it was Canada or Mexico), and 61 per cent have visited more than one country.

And we have less vacation days then most countries.

According to the findings, Americans also enjoyed fewer vacation days than their European counterparts, with only 16 days off versus 27 days (Australia), 21 days (Canada), 28 days (Ireland) and 23 days (U.K.).

We really need to do something about getting more vacation days!
They survey also found that 39 percent of travelers admit to “accidentally” packing or intentionally stealing items from hotels. Towels are the No. 1 thing we’ll bring home (28%), eight percent a bathrobe. Batteries (five percent), Pillows (four percent), remote controls (three percent), sheets (three percent), bibles (three percent), and umbrellas (three percent) also made the list.
But I thought that stuff was complimentary! :) Have you ever taken something from a hotel room? Go ahead take the survey…it’s anonymous!

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