A bruised vocal cord has ruled Gregg Allman out of action for the first two nights of his 10-night stand at New York’s City Winery. But for those who still want to hear live music either tonight (Nov. 6) or tomorrow, his band will play the same venue for free.

Allman broke the news in an email to ticket-holders that was reprinted on his website. After announcing that Allman would not be performing and that full refunds would be given to whomever requested one, they wrote, “We hope you’ll consider joining us on Sunday and Monday evening for a FREE concert. Please come in to enjoy dinner and a great glass of wine with some great music as Musical Director and guitarist Scott Sharrard leads the Gregg Allman Band through the greatest hits of various historic catalogs. This will be a free, general admission event celebrating the Allman Brothers and Gregg’s solo career as well as Sharrard’s original work! It looks to be a great couple of nights as we anticipate special guests in advance of Gregg’s return to the stage later this week!”

The notification closed with an endorsement of Sharrard’s abilities from his boss. “I know all about guitar players —I’ve seen the very best — and Scott Sharrard is the perfect guitarist for my band,” Allman wrote. “He understands that you don’t need to play just for the sake of playing; Scott isn’t one of those guys who thinks they’re getting paid by the note. He never steps on the vocals, and leaves plenty of room for everyone else to do their thing, but when it’s time to solo, Scott delivers, boy.”

Last week, Allman revealed that he's not only finished a solo record that he hopes to release in 2017, but that the Allman Brothers Band might also be reuniting less than three years after their farewell show.  “We’ve been talking about it," he said. "Major city tour. Been talkin’ about it, now let’s get that straight. Nothing signed in blood yet.”

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