Genoa Central Elementary School recently received $60,991.60 in awards from the Arkansas Department of Education for consistently high performance.

An award in the amount of $20,327.80 was given for being in the top 6-10% in performance, and another award in the amount of $40,663.80 was given for being in the top 5% for growth and graduation rate.

“Our teachers and staff really go the extra mile for students,” said Genoa Superintendent, Angie Bryant. The funds will be used for supplemental instructional programs and technology equipment to improve student performance and growth.

The Arkansas School Recognition Program, which was created to provide financial awards to public schools which achieve high student performance, student academic growth and high graduation rates. ADE gives awards up to $100 per student for top 5 percent and up to $50 per student for top 6-10 percent.

The Texarkana USA Regional Chamber of Commerce is actively working with the region's schools on workforce development providing opportunities for students entering the workforce. For more information on the chamber, call 903-792-7191 or go to

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