Now this is interesting! Queen‘s Brian May and Roger Taylor say they have recordings of   Freddie Mercury singing with Michael Jackson. We just might get a chance to hear the recordings next year!

The Sun is reporting that the Jackson estate has granted Taylor and May permission to work with the material. The recordings were made back in 1983 at Jackson’s home when Queen was  touring the states.

“The Michael Jackson estate are happy for us to go ahead with the music,” May said. “But it’s not something we can rush.” He provided no details as to which artist’s songs the two enigmatic singers teamed up on, or if it was original music. He made sure fans of both artists knew that making money was not his primary motivator.

“I don’t work on things with the aim to make money or for promotional reasons,” he said. “When it’s something we feel is worthwhile then it’s nice if we could get it out there.”

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