Every town in America has its fair share of historical markers, statues and monuments that represent the past history of the area. Texarkana has several of these historical markers that we see in passing each day and may take for granted in our city. Most of these iconic symbols are located in the downtown area and represent an historical moment in our nation and our community.

Confederate Memorial


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This Texarkana landmark was erected in 1918 when southern cities were commemorating the service of older citizens during the Civil War. This monument was a creative vision of Texarkana resident and Civil War veteran Captain James T. Rosborough. Rosborough wanted the monument to not just honor Civil War soldiers but the sacrifices their wives and mothers made during the war. The monument is made of solid marble and was crafted and carved in Italy and our federal government had to give its permission for the statue to be imported from there because of its involvement in World War I.

Ensign Fountain


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This fountain is very unique to Texarkana named after former resident Herman Lee Ensign founder of the National Humane Alliance of New York. In the early 1900s Ensign commissioned specially designed fountains that he wanted to see duplicated across the country. This fountain was very unique because not only did it serve as a drinking fountain for people but for animals as well. Basically, people would drink water from the top of the fountain, horses could drink from the middle trough-like basin and smaller pets such as dogs could drink from the bottom of the fountain. The National Humane Alliance was on a mission to place at least one of these fountains in each state across America. So because Texarkana was located in two states it was eventually decided that the fountain be placed on Stateline to represent both states. The fountain was presented to Texarkana in 1909 and eventually moved to its current location just off Stateline Avenue in 1966.

James Bowie Statue


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This statue of American folk hero James Bowie was a gift from the state of Texas and was to represent a part of the celebration of the Texas Centennial in 1936. The bronze statue with marble base was sculpted by William M. McVey who also designed the large frieze around the San Jacinto Monument and a statue of Davy Crockett in Ozona. The statue has been a staple of Texarkana for years located just off State Line Avenue. in front of our former public library that is now home to a law firm.

World War I Memorial


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This special monument was erected by a group of local women called "The Texarkana Memorial Unit." It was to honor World War I soldiers from both Miller and Bowie counties who both fought and served in our military. History has recorded that WWI was over in 1918 and it took several years before numerous WWI monuments were even erected across the United States. This monument has been a part of Texarkana history since 1936.

Do you know of anymore symbolic monuments in Texarkana that could have been added to this list?