Yesterday, a story made international news when TSA agents had a 95-year-old woman remove her ADULT DIAPER so they could examine it and clear it through security.  The most common response was:  They've hit a new low.

And we're not saying it's right to make elderly women remove their Depends.  But, for what it's worth, adult diapers really should NOT get a free pass through security.

Just last month, in New York, a woman arrived at JFK International Airport.  Customs agents found her acting suspicious and searched her.  She was wearing an adult diaper.  This woman's age wasn't released.

When they examined the adult diaper, they found 71 HEROIN PELLETS inside.  She also had another 33 in her groin area.

So, when the TSA screeners in Florida felt the adult diaper on the 95-year-old woman, there wasn't a GUARANTEE it was going to be clear.

And while 95-year-old women don't fit the terrorist profile... what if they hadn't searched her and the worst had happened?

(The Smoking Gun)