Who doesn't love great food from a food truck? Well, get ready because this Saturday there is going to be a special Pop-up Food Truck Festival at Bobby Ferguson Park. It will all start at 10AM and go until 8PM.

Chef preparing tacos in a food truck.
Make plans to go for a late breakfast, lunch dinner and snack time in-between. All your favorite foods and new foods to try too. Everything from tacos, BBQ, Burgers, Chicken & Waffles, Italian ice and baked goods will be available too. At least 12 Food Trucks will be there plus other food vendors making a total of at least 26 food vendors!
Row of unfocused people lining up to buy in a Food Truck
Be sure to gather your kids, your friends, the whole family for a day of great food. Don't forget your lawn chairs that way you can relax, visit with friends and make a day of it. Take a walk around the lake and feed the ducks, then get ready to eat more at the Food Trucks.
Young couple exploring new flavours
You can find out more information at the Facebook Events page
Woman with French fries and ketchup at food truck
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Bobby Ferguson Park is located at 3400 U of A Way in Texarkana, AR at the Fairgrounds. Just south of I-30 at the Four States Fair Parkway exit.
Known as Fairgrounds Park.
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