For land owners, feral hogs are extremely destructive and the population is out of control with numbers in the millions... minus the hogs in this video, of course.

In Texas wild hogs are out of control, even referred to as a "plague" in a post at

The wily hogs seem to thrive in almost any conditions, climate or ecosystem in the state—the Pineywoods of east Texas; the southern and western brush country; the lush, rolling central Hill Country. They are surprisingly intelligent mammals and evade the best efforts to trap or kill them (and those that have been unsuccessfully hunted are even smarter). They have no natural predators, and there are no legal poisons to use against them. Sows begin breeding at 6 to 8 months of age and have two litters of four to eight piglets—a dozen is not unheard of—every 12 to 15 months during a life span of 4 to 8 years. Even porcine populations reduced by 70 percent return to full strength within two or three years.

The State of Texas allows the killing of wild hogs year round without limitations. Even so, the goal is not to get rid of them completely, but to get the feral hog population under control. So, the fact that this guy was killing wild hogs on his property is not the problem, but some people are pretty fired up about the way he did it... with Tannerite!

What do you think?

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