Cold and flu season is just about here. Have you gotten your flu shot? Are you guilty of going to work while your sick? You are not alone. 

According to PRNewswire a new survey from OfficeTeam shows:

82 percent of human resources (HR) managers interviewed said their company encourages staff to stay home when they're sick, 85 percent of employees have gone to the office anyway. Thirty-six percent of those who showed up to work while ill did so because they felt well enough to do their jobs; another 32 percent didn't want to fall behind on assignments.

The survey showed that 42% of co-worker said it's one of their pet peeves when someone comes into work when they are sick.

Personally, I'll work through a cold I mean come on...those last a long time and I don't have that many sick days. But the flu? I have no idea how someone could "work" while they have the flu.

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