It's fair time. The 72nd Four States Fair and Rodeo is in full swing and so is the fair food. It's something that all of us love to check out. Some foods are a tradition that you just gotta have every year. Then there are the new foods to try as well.

The Results so far are:

1. The Funnel Cake - 46.15%

 There is a  3 way tie for 2nd place:

 2 .Sausage Sandwich (Polish or Italian) - 15.38%

     Corn on the Cob - 15.38%

     Corn Dog - 15.38%

3. Sausage on a Stick - 7.71%


Last week I put a poll up on favorite fair foods. Mine are:

  • Polish Sausage Sandwich
  • Giant Turkey Legs (Think Henry VIII)
  •  Funnel Cakes

I've been hearing about a Stuffed Jalapeno Pepper that is to die for. Hmm, guess I just might have to try that one.

The poll is still open so be sure to vote below. I just added the stuffed pepper to the poll.