The leaves are changing color in Arkansas and now is the perfect time for a little off-roading in the natural state. What better place for an outdoor adventure than Hot Springs Off-Road Park.

Hot Springs Off-Road Park

This incredible off-the-road park is one of the top destinations that features over 1,254-acres of trails for 4x4s, UTVs, ATVs, and dirt bikes. Nothing like breathing in the clean fresh mountain air and taking in the spectacular views as you navigate through easy to difficult off-road trails that are clearly marked depending on what you're driving a Jeep, dirt bike, or ATV.

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

Jeep Badge of Honor

Hot Springs Off-Road Park is the only place in Arkansas that has Jeep Badge of Honor Trails to ride. The park has three of them on-site, "Fun Run," "Rubicon Ridge," and "Snake."

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

The Jeep Badge of Honor Trails is an app-based program that rewards Jeep drivers with a badge they can put on their vehicle for driving routes listed in their system of trails. You can collect these badges from all over the U.S.

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

Guided Off-Road Tours

Something new this year is the fact that you can set up a 2-hour guided off-road trail ride with one of their expert tour guides. You have the option of bringing your off-road vehicle or you can rent one of their Side by Sides. You can check for availability and make a reservation online when planning your next adventure.

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

RV Site and Cabins

The park also offers RV sites, a charging station, tent camping, and cabins available. And if you need more snacks or food there is a General store on location with a little bit of everything you need to make your trip unforgettable.

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

Hot Springs Off-Road Park is open 7 days a week, year-round, and is close to other Hot Springs attractions, shopping, restaurants, and more.


Park Location

The park is located at 2100 Mill Creek Road.

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

To make a reservation for your off-road adventure or to book a stay, please visit

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