Breaking news, y'all. It's cold.

But how cold is it about to get this holiday weekend? According to KLTV Weather, it's going to get very, very cold where we can expect as much as 40 straight hours at temperatures below freezing.

KLTV reports the latest cold front really affect us starting Sunday, New Year's Eve and will continue to fall through the night with temperatures dropping as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit (The Weather Channel).

US National Weather Service | Facebook
US National Weather Service | Facebook

The forecast shows that this below freezing weather will continue as late as Friday, January 5, with temperatures rising above freezing mid-Tuesday before dropping to the middle 20s once again on Wednesday.

KLTV and other safety PSAs talk about "protecting the 4 P's" during freezing weather:

  1. People - stay bundled up, especially with the flu being rampant in East Texas right now.
  2. Pets - don't forget about your outdoor pets.
  3. Pipes - exposed pipes should be wrapped / or leave your water at a faint drip to prevent freezing.
  4. Plants - yes, they can freeze too!

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