East Texas State Rep. Dan Flynn is sick of Daylight Saving Time, and he's doing something about it.

Flynn, a Republican from Canton, filed HB 150 in November with hopes of making Daylight Saving Time nonexistent in the Lone Star State. And that might become a reality when the Texas House’s Government Transparency & Operation Committee discusses the issue Wednesday (March 11).

The hope is the bill will be passed by Sept. 1, ending "falling back" and "springing forward" for good in Texas. Clocks would stay the same, ending the longer, lighter days in the spring and summer months.

A Facebook campaign is picking up steam in support of Flynn's bill, and comments on the bill's social page are almost all in full support of abolishing Daylight Saving Time.

Arizona and Hawaii are currently the only U.S. states that do not adhere to Daylight Saving Time.


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