Labor Day Weekend is this weekend. It's always kind of summer's last hurrah. It also means it's time to throw some good food on the grill or in the smoker.

I was searching through YouTube for a grilling video. It's my ever so subtle way to suggest to my husband that I think he needs to grill. Of course, I really don't need to be subtle or sneaky about it. He's a guy and guys love to grill and he loves his smoker too. Right? (Insert happy dance right here.)

Even though hot dogs and burgers will be on the grill more that anything, why not try something different? August 16 was National Bratwurst Day and I just found out that Saturday (September 3) is International Bacon Day. You know where I'm going with this. What a perfect combination. Plus, it looks really easy to make these.

This first video is done in a smoker.

This one below is on the grill.