I have seen some of the photos of the dog laying at the casket of his fallen owner, a Navy Seal. They have been circulating around the internet, and on the news.  As both a patriot, and dog lover, it just breaks my heart.  This is Hawkeye, and he let his feelings be known to all at the funeral of his owner, Navy Seal Petty Officer Jon T. Tumlinson. 

Petty Officer Tumlinson was one of the American heroes killed August 6th when a rocket propelled grenade disabled the helicopter he was in, resulting in the crash that killed him and 29 other Americans in Afghanistan.

There is a really good write up about Petty Officer Tumlinson at THEBLAZE.COM.

Here's one of the photos... Hawkeye laid right next to the casket for the entire service.


KIMT.COM had this video posted on their website...

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