This is the story of Miley. She was living in a dump when she was rescued. She was in terrible condition, but as she was recovering she did something wonderful.

She was taken to a clinic in really bad shape. She had mange, parasites, bacterial infections, and was way under nourished. The staff at the veterinary clinic has been amazing and as you will see in the video, they saved her life.

While she was recovering and healing at the clinic another rescue came in, his name is "Frankie", and he is tiny. He was rescued from a drainpipe, and was completely terrified of everything, but Miley made it a point to get to know him. She took him under her healing wing and soon they were the best of friends, and the video is so sweet.

All of Miley's and Frankie's vet bills have been covered by, and they could always use donations. Both Miley and Frankie are available for adoption separately or together. COME ON.... who could separate these two?