Ok, it's not tiny grey beings with huge eyes but it could be a start. Would you believe the presence of a molecule in Venus' atmosphere could mean there is some kind of life in the clouds? Could be.

I know, we're all waiting for the Greys or the Lizard people to land on the Whitehouse lawn and say "take me to your leader," or for the government to admit we've had Alien-made flying machines for decades in the basement of Area 51 trying to figure out how they work. But since neither of those stories appears to be forthcoming, (for now) we'll have to settle for some good old fashioned scientific research.

Watch the video below if you want a full-on geeky explanation of what I'm about to attempt.

It seems science has detected a molecule in the Venus atmosphere called Phosphine, What science apparently "knows" of Venus is that the surface is uninhabitable but this molecule is difficult to make in nature as we understand it. The conjecture is that there may be something alive in the Venus atmosphere capable of creating Phosphine. Again, for a more enlightened and educated explanation, watch the video from MIT.

I'm still waiting on the followup from the story in July about the Pentagon admitting we have vehicles "not made on this planet" in custody. In case you missed that one, check out the links below.

Just wondering...

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