Chris Moore was arrested on Memorial Day after he refused to hand over his helmet camera to a Sheriff Deputy.

Dallas Sheriff Deputy James Westbrook has been suspended, without pay, for 38 days.


Deputy Westbrook pulled over Chris Moore, who was riding with a group of other bikers at the time. When asked why he was being pulled over Westbrook said,

The reason you're being pulled over is because I'm gonna take your camera and we're gonna use it as evidence of crimes that have been committed by other bikers,”

Moore reminded the officer that he did not have the right to take his property. That's when Moore was placed under arrest for an obstructed license plate, which was determined to be a false charge, as you can see in the video. The video is pretty long, but it captures the entire incident. 

(If you want to skip around... Moore is pulled over at about 3:00 minutes, at 6:30 Westbrook places Moore under arrest, at 8:00 Westbrook loses control of his temper and shoves Moore into the squad car with force, slamming the door on Moore's leg, and at 9:50 he takes him from the squad car and it looks like he loosens the cuffs a bit...)

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