Former Toto, Trillion and Le Roux singer Dennis 'Fergie' Frederiksen died today after a nearly four-year-long battle with cancer. Frederiksen sang on Toto's 1984 'Isolation' album, which featured the hit single 'Stranger in Town.'

The news was revealed on the singer's official website and Facebook page: "It is with a heavy heart I tell you that my soulbrother Fergie Frederiksen passed away today. He was in no pain, his legacy lives on!"

Prior to his time with Toto, Frederiksen -- among many other credits -- appeared on the 1978 debut by progressive rock group Trillion, performed background vocals on Survivor's smash hit 1982 album 'Eye of the Tiger,' and sang on La Roux's 1983 record 'So Fired Up,' which featured the hit single 'Carrie's Gone.'

Back in June of 2010 Frederiksen revealed he had been diagnosed with inoperable cancer. However despite his declining health he managed to record two more solo albums -- 2011's 'Happiness is the Road' and 2013's 'Any Given Moment.' You can -- and should -- read the full story of his life and career right here.

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