Former Styx singer Dennis DeYoung has unveiled a release date for what will be his final studio album, 26 East, Vol. 2.

The LP will arrive on June 11. In the meantime, he's released a  new single, "Isle of Misanthrope," along with an accompanying music video.

"When people ask, 'What’s the first single, 'Isle of Misanthrope,' about?,' I reply, 'About six minutes.' Not to be too cute, but the lyrics are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma," DeYoung said in a statement. "The more things change, the more they remain the same. Also, 'Isle of Misanthrope' is my musical journey back to the days of Styx’s Equinox and 'Suite Madame Blue,' as I attempt to explain the exasperating and confounding nature of mankind through metaphor. It’s got a good beat but won’t be a hit at the disco."

26 East was originally intended as one album, but Vol. 2 came to be when DeYoung found himself with an abundance of material. Vol. 1 was released last May. "The last album was supposed to be my final album, but there were so many songs written that Serafino [Perugino] of [record company] Frontiers suggested dividing it into two albums rather than one," he said.

Named for the address at which DeYoung grew up at in the suburbs of Chicago - where he lived across the street from two other Styx founders, John and Chuck Panozzo - 26 East serves as DeYoung's final tribute to the world of recorded music.

"My musical goals for this album are the same as they have always been and that’s to write the best songs possible and make great sounding records out of them," he said. "By now, Styx fans know pretty much what they can expect, and I hope they will be pleased. I am."

You can see the "Isle of Misanthrope" video and the track listing for 26 East, Vol. 2 below.

Dennis DeYoung, '26 East, Vol. 2' Track Listing
1. Hello Goodbye
2. Land Of The Living
3. The Last Guitar Hero (Featuring Tom Morello)
4. Your Saving Grace
5. Proof Of Heaven
6. Made For Each Other
7. There’s No Turning Back Time
8. St. Quarantine
9. Little Did We Know
10. Always Time
11. The Isle Of Misanthrope
12. Grand Finale

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