Def Leppard have shared "Take What You Want," the latest song from their upcoming album Diamond Star Halos. The song opens in classic Def Leppard fashion, with clean guitar arpeggios and building drums giving way to a massive, crunchy lead riff.

"From two different worlds / We come crashing in / It's like a perfect storm," Joe Elliott sings. "Still shoulder to shoulder / Soldier to soldier / So just bring it on."

You can hear it below.

"Take What You Want" is the second song released in advance of Diamond Star Halos, following the debut single "Kick." The 12th studio album of Def Leppard’s career arrives on May 27.

Previously, Elliott explained what continues motivating his band to release new material. "We've always said that what we've got to try and achieve before we kick it all in the head or we're gone is to be bracketed among the greats: Lennon-McCartney, Jagger-Richards, Ray Davies, Pete Townshend," he explained in 2021. "We probably never will, but we're never gonna stop trying.

"We're not interested in trying to be some second division, 'Oh, that'll do' kind of thing," he continued. "It's like if somebody fails climbing Mount Everest: If they're that desperate, then they'll try again next year. That's how we feel about what we do, so we're just gonna try our best, again, and keep going for it."

Def Leppard will hit the road this summer for their long-awaited Stadium Tour alongside Motley Crue, Poison and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. The trek, which had been postponed multiple times due to the pandemic, is scheduled to kick off on June 16 in Atlanta. Members of Def Leppard have already revealed that songs from Diamond Star Halos will be incorporated into their Stadium Tour set lists.

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