The world awoke Friday (July 20) to the horrible news coming out of Colorado that armed gunman James Holmes entered a Friday morning showing of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in Aurora, Colo., tossed a canister of tear gas into the showing, and while wearing a gas mask he proceeded to fire random gunshots into the crowd.

Reports Friday morning counted 12 dead and 38 other patrons seriously wounded including a three-month-old infant. Police arrested Holmes, who surrendered to authorities behind the movie theater.

As details reached people around the world, several classic rock favorites have chimed in via Twitter with their comments.

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry stated, “My heart goes out to all the victims and their families of the terrible tragedy in Colorado.”

Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx added, “Breaks my heart hearing the news about the shootings in Aurora, Colo. My prayers and thoughts go out to the families and victims.”

Sixx’s Motley Crue bandmate, drummer Tommy Lee, tweeted, “My ❤ goes to those in Colorado! Wtf is wrong with people!”

Slash checked in Friday afternoon stating, “The events of last night in Aurora, Colo. are horrific & tragic. My heart aches for the deceased & the injured & their families & friends.”

Three Dog Night offered, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the families of the horrible tragedy in Aurora, Colo.”

Poison‘s Bret Michaels, via his Tumblr account, stated, “We have a lot of friends in & around the Aurora, Colo. area. Our thoughts & prayers go out to them & all those affected by this senseless tragedy. #remainstrong.”

Meanwhile, Sebastian Bach stated via Twitter, “How some sicko can pervert a child’s hero with murder terror & destruction is beyond digusting. How I wish there was a real Batman #GunsSuck.”

The Ultimate Classic Rock staff offers their own personal condolences to those affected by this tragedy.

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