With Halloween coming soon, wouldn't it be fun to stay at a haunted hotel? I found several hotels that sound pretty cool and are rich in history.

I grew up in Dallas but I never realized that The Adolphus is supposedly haunted.


The Adolphus was built in 1912 and is located at 1321 Commerce St. in Dallas. It seems a lot of strange things take place in this elegant hotel. Guests have reported hearing strange noises in the middle of the night like loud footsteps outside their doors and hearing piano and big band music.

Other reports from the Haunted Rooms website include:

Shortly after the death of a woman who was a regular at the hotel’s bistro, the staff began to see her apparition walking in and sitting down at her usual table. Housekeepers have witnessed a tapping on their shoulders whilst working in the restroom areas, and staff have also witnessed windows flying open when they approach them.

And the most detailed reports from guests is about the ghost of a jilted bride:

She was due to be married one day during the 1930s, but her fiancé didn’t show, leaving the bride-to-be embarrassed and broken-hearted. Later that day her body was found, hanging a few feet from the spot where she was due to say her vows. For those people staying on the 19th floor, a regular occurrence is the sound of a woman crying, and footsteps along the hallway. Her apparition has been seen by many guests, often when there has been a function or party. Her ghost is often accompanied by the sound of a music box playing 1930’s tunes.


Contact The Adolphus at  (214) 742-8200.


The Jefferson Hotel is located at 124 W. Austin Street in Jefferson, Texas.

Built in 1851, this hotel is a step back in time and is a very popular place to stay around (you guessed it) Halloween. There is supposedly a registration book behind the front desk where guests have written their ghostly experiences. From the Winter Texans website:

There is the story of a couple in ROOM 5 whose young son awakened them repeatedly because a man in a long coat and high boots would not go away. At times there have been reports of a thick white cloud with a thin, long-haired blonde in its mist.  She seems to be emotionally attached to a particular bed that was moved from ROOM 12 to ROOM 14. Another story chronicled in the book is that of a ninety year old man who reluctantly told his tale of wandering the hotel at 1 a.m. in the morning after not being able to sleep.  He claims he saw the petite blonde woman floating down the stairs smiling at him, only to disappear before she reached the bottom step. He said he never believed in ghosts until that day!

 The Jefferson Hotel is located at 124 W. Austin Street  Jefferson, Texas.  (903) 665-2631.


This Bed and Breakfast was first opened in 1910 as a boarding house and later as a bordello. It's said to be the oldest bed and breakfast in Ft. Worth. According to their website:

unexplained scents, items disappearing and reappearing, toilets flushing on their own, lights turning on and off, cold spots, unlocked doors refusing to open, and a variety of unidentified but entertaining sounds.  According to a former owner, one housekeeper quit because she kept finding coins in rooms even though there had been no guests in that room and she had just finished cleaning only to return and find the coins where she had just cleaned.


Miss Molly's is located at 109 W. Exchange Ave, Fort Worth Texas. You can call them at (817) 626-1522.