Halloween is less than two weeks away and stories of ghostly apparitions always start to come to light about this time every year. If you happen to be a person who believes in the paranormal maybe you have experienced something you simply cannot explain.

If you travel the state of Arkansas you may have had one of these experiences because there are plenty of haunted highways where you may pick up an "unwanted hitchhiker" or stranger. If you have some extra time on your hands take a drive down the haunted highways of Arkansas.

Highway 365

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Have you heard of the ghostly hitchhiker on the famed Highway 365 in Woodson? You don't want to get caught driving on a stormy night on this stretch of highway. According to legend, a female hitchhiker wearing a tattered dress appears on the side of the road and if you pick her up she will give you her address only to find when you arrive there she's no longer in your vehicle. When you ask the residents at the location about that they tell you she was their daughter and was killed in a traffic accident years ago. There are several different versions of this tale but all have the same result -- she vanishes. And so would I, if I saw this ghost hitchhiker.

Old Redfield Road

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Located in Sheridan near Little Rock, this road has been known for its paranormal activity. Residents who live there reportedly have seen apparitions walking down the road and in the nearby cemetery. Legend has it when traveling through this area, radios and other electrical equipment will quit working.

Rader Road

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If you're traveling near Rogers in Northwest Arkansas don't be surprised if you see a galloping horse and ghost rider riding into the wooded area. Good news, he does have his head.

Wolf Bayou Bridge

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This bridge was torn down and replaced with a new bridge in 2005 in the town of Scott and paranormal activity has been occurring ever since. Legend has it that a woman and her baby died there when she drove off the bridge. They say if you go out there at night and say the words "Mama Lou, I've got your baby," your car may stall out or you may see a floating woman looking for her baby. And then, I'll be looking to change my shorts.

Woodson Lateral Road

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This long stretch of highway is probably one of the creepiest roads in the state because of the tall lanky trees that hang over the road. The road is in a rural area so the road is pitch black at night with even a roadside cemetery. And if that's not enough to put a little fear in you, the spray painted pentagram on the road will. This road has been known to have several different sightings of not only ghosts but some kind of winged creature that flies into your windshield then vanishes. Phantom ghost lights and shadow people have also been seen on this road 18 miles south of Little Rock. Gives new meaning to the words, "Dead End."