You could be the reason for the celebration at Crater of Diamonds State Park in the next coming weeks. The park is getting ready to celebrate a very big milestone in its history. 

The staff at the park is preparing to see the 35,000th diamond found and registered there since the state park opened in 1972.




Park Superintendent Caleb Howell said in a press release;

“It’s amazing to work at a place with so much history. Every diamond found here has a story to go along with it, but milestones like this remind us of just how many discoveries park visitors have made over the past 50 years.”

This isn't the first time they have celebrated this kind of milestone. The Crater of Diamonds was celebrated when the 10,000th diamond was found back in 1986. Then they celebrated again in 2012 when the 30,000th diamond was found and registered.

They've been waiting 10 years so they are ready for this next celebration


When Will the Diamond be Found?

Looking back on past trends on diamonds being found the staff is expecting 35,000 diamonds to be found in the next few weeks. But they aren't going to publicly count the diamond found so when the milestone happens it will be a surprise.

Assistant Park Superintendent Waymon Cox said,

“This will be a historic moment for Crater of Diamonds State Park, but we also want it to be a surprise for the person who finds the diamond. To help build the excitement and give all park guests a fair chance, we are withholding the exact number of diamonds found until after the milestone is registered.”


The Person That Finds The 35,000 Milestone Diamond Receives Prizes Too

The lucky diamond finder will receive recognition and prizes, including a two-night stay at an Arkansas State Park.

Sounds like the next few weeks are a really good time to go hunting for diamonds. Crater of Diamonds State Park is located on Arkansas Highway 301 in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Find out more at

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